More collaborations in UK retail

The battle between UK supermarkets and online retailers has been heating up in recent months, as food retailers readied themselves for Amazon’s long-awaited arrival into the  most competitive of market. So it is an exciting day with the news of the partnership between Morrisons and Amazon.

On the same day we also see the extension of Mottisons relationship with Ocado.  Yet another great example of competitors working together in the retail sector. It will be interesting to see how this ties in (or not) with the Amazon relationship.

Commentators have stated that as a result  the rumored Amazon Ocado tie up won’t happen.   I am not sure that in a complex world of “new retail” it is that simple.

Meanwhile we wait to see what happens to Argos. Interesting to note that Sainsburys and Argos first got to know each other through a commercial collaboration.



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